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Do you organize sport tournaments?

We’ve made life really simple for organizers of both big, small, simple and complex tournaments. 


Cup Manager will assist you as an organizer with an easy experience to your tournament participants. We cover everything frmo sign-up, invoicing, game structure and match planning as well as live reports of goals and end results at the web, in mobile apps or through old school texts (SMS).

Cup Manager är ett turneringssystem som hjälper arrangörer av idrottsturneringar och cuper.
More than 33 000 teams has signed up and followed their game plan through Cup Managers system.
Hundreds of thousand youths has played in tournaments driven by Cup Manager system throughout the years.
Cup Managers customers are both big and small tournaments and can handle most any team sport

Spread and share your results in all available channels

Cup Manager got smart features for reporting results, both in real time and after a game is finished. Participants, parents, friends and supporters can follow the tournament live in the mobile phone, on a tablet or by a desktop computer. Results are showned at webpages, live-chats, through text messengers our via the tournaments own app for Android of Apple devices. Do you offer live-streams of your games? Cup Manager has support for this aswell. We work together with suppliers of live streaming to provide you with the essential tools for your production. Visitors can comment on news, articles, clubs or live-results with their Facebook-account and tag pictures on Instagram.

Cup Managers app till idrottsturnering

Your own tournament app

News, information, tournament schedule, arenas and results. Everything in a neat package in your own white label tournament app for Android or Iphone. It goes without saying that the app carries your logo, colors and graphical profile.

Cup Managers kunder får en gratis hemsida till sin turnering

Clean and well structured tournament webpage is included for free

You’ll get a nice, good looking webpage that is really user friendly for your administrators who can easily customize it for your needs. Multi-language support is included. Our sign-up form, list of participants, game plan and of course the display of result is automatically integrated in the webpage.

Unique opportunities for engagement

Supporters, parents and participants can see the latest results directly in their device, live at the scene or comfortly in their home, when the game is finished or even in real time goal by goal. With player support activated you can even see which team member that scored. Matches are updated live and everyone can comment, cheer, publish photos and like others engagements.

Full featured, easy operated administration system for sport tournaments.

With Cup Manager your job as an tournament administrator will get so much easier. You no longer have to spend time on collecting information manually, like sign-ups, team lists, allergies etc. The system will take care of that for you. Your teams will sign up through an form on your webpage. Then they will access their personall account on your page where they enter all desired information. You can have endless of alternatives with sign-up fees, participant fees, sell extra products like T-shirts or event-tickets etc. Every change is manages by the participants themself (if you allow it) at their account page. This information is used by you when you plan the match schedules or for instance accommodation or catering.

The system will always try to give you a visual overview of what you are doing for the moment.

With Cup Manager your communication with the teams before-, during- and after the tournament are made easy as 1-2-3. You can simply send information from the registration-module to all or a segment of teams with the blink of an eye. Any replys are shown under the message-module, accessible for both you and your team to take action if needed. You can also automatically handle for example distribution of game schedule to both teams and referees.

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